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Sunday, April 26, 2015
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"Red, brown, yellow, black and white.  They are precious in His sight..."  So go the lyrics of a popular song a generation ago.  Victory Baptist Church is a church were EVERYONE is precious in God's sight, and our sight too.  Though SMALL in numbers, we are LARGE in cultural and national diversity.  We are young and old, military and civilian, working and retired, rich and not so rich.  At Victory, you will find Caucasian families, African-American families, Hispanic families and mixed-race families.  We have families representing Toga, Kenya, Ghana, the Philippines, Okinawa, India and of course, the United States, all worshiping, serving and loving each other.  If you would like to get a "glimpse" of what Heaven will look like, join us for worship services one Sunday!!!

  This Sunday @ Victory -- April 26th

"Four Words Many Christians Don't Take Seriously" is our message for this Sunday morning. There are some words/ideas in the Scriptures that many Christians struggle with. We'll talk about that this Sunday as we continue our 4x4 Series.


It's Time to G.R.O.W.


Join us Sunday evening, April 26th as we continue training for "God Rewards Our Work."  This visitation and outreach ministry has served Victory well in the past and we are going to get it fired up and running again!  You did not have to be at the first session to be part of this.


Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is not just for those in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, but for any "hurts, hang ups and habits" you may be dealing with.  This new ministry will be meeting on Fridays at 7:00 PM in the sanctuary.  This ministry is open to anyone, not just those who attend Victory.  Child care is available.


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